About Us

Bruczilla Lacrosse launched in 2003 and is currently based in Littleton, Colorado, and as of September 2011, a part of All In Athletics, LLC. Founded by Bruce E. Barker, a girl’s high school lacrosse coach and avid lacrosse fan, Bruce saw a need for active apparel that allows athletes to make a statement about their passion and participation in LACROSSE that seem to get little recognition by clothing makers.
After extensive research and the development of original artwork for a series of T-shirts, Bruce took his original line, and premiered the collection at the 2003 US Lacrosse National Youth Festival in Binghamton, New York. The reception of Bruczilla Lacrosse was overwhelmingly positive and the line has grown larger and stronger since.
Bruczilla Lacrosse is dedicated to broadening the awareness, growth and participation in lacrosse, by producing quality active apparel for the sport enthusiast. We recognize and support student athletes, fans and their participation in the sport they love.
Bruczilla Lacrosse has a full line of Lacrosse T-shirts, Hoodies, accessories and other apparel—all produced for today’s active lifetstyle. In addition to our original line of Bruczilla Lacrosse, All In Athletics offers CUSTOM SCREEN PRINTING to meet the needs of teams, businesses, churches, clubs and groups.