Here are the Top Paid Android Applications

There are so many wonderful free Android apps; why would you choose to purchase an app? There are lots of reasons to choose paid Android apps over free apps. The main reason being that the paid Android applications are more extensive than their free counterparts. Many of the free apps that you find are basically trial versions of paid apps. Finding the top paid Android applications can be hard. There are so many that you need to sort through! How can you figure out which apps will give you the most value for your money? This article will help you figure out which paid apps are the best. Camera Zoom FX is outstanding for the photographer who desires to have a camera phone with all the capabilities of their digital camera. This paid Android app is close to four dollars (it is listed just under two pounds). This app can be a bit quarrelsome,but so can a lot of other apps – even the free ones. This application comes with more than forty standard fixes for the photos you take with your Android phone. You are able to balance out the white in your photos,geo-tag the photos you snap,upload your photos to various social networking sites with a single button touch and even perform rapid burst photo shooting. Awesome for a decently priced paid app,don’t you think? For just two dollars you can get help finding a misplaced phone with SMS Control. SMS Control helps you send commands to the phone through a text message which helps you find the phone. You can turn up the ringer volume,get information on your battery life,and lock your phone. The application also sends you the location of your phone on a map and helps you forward your texts and calls to your back up phone until you locate the phone you want to use. This app is fantastic for people who have a habit of forgetting the last locations they set down their phones. So far,you have discovered a few things concerning more news along with the significance it has for you. What we like to do is be as neutral as possible because it is more important for you to consider each part on its own merit. Whether or not every single point or item will totally apply to you is unknown to us,so we try to present a good overview. If you get too bogged down with the minute details,you can easily get lost in the haze. We know that is very helpful to do even though all of us are very busy and maybe do not have the time. So just find what ever spare time you have,and be sure you pay attention to the most important issues. That is really what each of us tends to do,anyway,we go with what applies to our unique situation and try to find what is most helpful. Android users who do not have the patience for scrolling through menus to get to the apps they want would be well served by the BetterCut app. This is a paid Android app that allows you to make shortcuts to any application or location on your home screen. This is fantastic for the applications that you love but don’t always have time to locate. You won’t have to use a slide out keyboard to create or change your icons if you have this app. These apps are just three of the very popular top free Android applications you can purchase. Deciding which paid apps (out of all of them in the Android market) you want can feel like a very intimidating process. You want to download things that are interesting and entertaining. You don’t want to worry about wasting money. Thankfully most paid apps have free trials so you can test them out for a while before buying them. In spite of being available with free trials,all of the apps reviewed in this article are worth buying outright.

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