Successfully Suing A Negligent Driver

With all of todays’ distractions,the peril of careless people and their actions is most at play on the highway. Suing a negligent driver is by all means possible,and often they can also be pursued for punitive damages. Punitive damages is when a person is not only found liable for reimbursement,but is also sued for damages as a means of punishment.

A negligent driver is someone who is not paying attention to their responsibility as a driver. This can mean they are driving when they are too tired,checking their phone while driving,operating a vehicle lacking in necessary maintenance for road safety,eating while driving,or they are failing to obey traffic laws. Someone who is intoxicated while driving is guilty of a DUI,although if lucky,they can get a reduced charged of negligent driving.

Sometimes,punitive damages will be considered when a driver is found guilty of gross negligence. This is behavior beyond minor distractions,such as reckless or malicious driving.A negligent driver can usually be sued for lost wages,hospital bills,and the cost of mechanical repairs. It is recommended that the victim should find an injury lawyer to work with before filing an accident claim.

There are a few standard procedures to follow if a victim hopes to increase their chances of successfully suing a negligent driver. The police should be called to the scene,and the victim should be sure to obtain a copy of the drivers’ information exchange report from the officer at the scene and should get contact information of witnesses to the accident. Even if not at fault,the victim needs to contact their insurance company about the accident. Just because a distracted driver created an accident,it’s no excuse for the victim to be distracted from following up in an appropriate manner. That can be the difference between successfully suing a negligent driver and losing the case against them.

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