What Happens When You are Injured at Work?

When people get injured at work through no fault of their own,they are eligible to collect compensation while they are off work due to their injury. This is most often paid out by the employer’s insurance policy that covers worker’s comp. Compensation can cover medical expenses and missed wages due to time off work. However,this is not always an easy process as insurance companies can be known for doing anything to avoid paying out.

What to Do Immediately After You are Injured at Work

If you are injured at work,you will want to notify your employer immediately. Do not try and continue working with your injury. Not only can that worsen your injury,it can also be used as an argument that you were able to work with your injury,should your claim not be clear-cut. The next thing you should do is seek medical attention and a [dcl=6631]. You must have your injury treated by a medical professional and documented. However,this may not be the only doctor you see.

Independent Medical Exam

In cases where you are eligible for full workers’ comp benefits,often a condition of that eligibility is based on a report from an independent doctor,which means one not of your choosing. Most often,the insurance company selects and pays the doctor. The exam will consist of two parts: an interview and a medical examination.


Throughout the interview questions will be asked to determine your medical history,health,how you received your injury,the nature of the injury,your job duties prior to the injury,and your ability disability to currently perform those job duties. Make sure you have a[dcl=6631] to help you through this step.

Medical Exam

The medical examination will delve into your overall health: blood pressure,heart rate,weight,etc. Then,it will focus on the seriousness of your injury and the likelihood of recovery. The thing to remember is that,since the doctor is selected and paid by the insurance company,there is the risk of the doctor trying to slant their report to indicate that a pre-existing medical condition contributed to your injury. Therefore,you must think carefully about your answers.

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